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Your home digitaly in one portal

  • Searching for invoices, deeds or contracts is a thing of the past
  • At a glance all the maintenance of your house in the picture
  • Save on average € 250, – per year *
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With Bricklinq you not only save money, but also valuable time. How? With data. We compare the data of thousands of Bricklinq users. The result? unprecedented good advice! You save and help save others. Sign up now and use Bricklinq the first year for free. *

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In 3 steps your digital house

Digitizing your house is very simple. Register your house and you can get started right away. Room for room you save all data. From now on everything is clear and within reach.


You can add documents such as purchase receipts from devices. You will place items such as water and energy contracts, rent or purchase agreements.


We will start with comparing your data and that of other Bricklinq users. Do we see savings? you will immediately receive a notification in your dashboard.


Do you have a leak or is your fridge broken for example? Make a report and Bricklinq helps you find a good mechanic. The moment that suits you best.

Together we are stronger

Bricklinq likes to collaborate with real estate agents, housing corporations, property managers and VVEs. What does this mean for you?

  • Time and money saving
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable residential portfolio
  • More valuations, more customers

About Bricklinq

By collecting and comparing data, Bricklinq helps homeowners save time and money.






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