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About Bricklinq

Why Bricklinq?

Due to conflicting interests in the housing market between tenant, owner and contractor, time and money are not spent optimally. These challenges hamper both innovation and other sustainable developments that are currently needed by everyone. With information received, Bricklinq is able to stimulate, advise and support parties in savings and material choices. This way a house becomes a home, closing the business case and a job the entrance to the next project.

Our team

With our expertise from various industries we have realized Bricklinq.



Founder & management



Knowledge Partner & Investor

Together we are stronger

Bricklinq likes to collaborate with real estate agents, housing corporations, property managers and VVEs. What does this mean for you?

  • Time and money saving
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable residential portfolio
  • More valuations, more customers

About Bricklinq

By collecting and comparing data, Bricklinq helps homeowners save time and money.






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