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Living smarter together, We are Bricklinq


The Bricklinq team is made up of experts with a common interest in real estate. We want to use this knowledge to radically change the housing market.

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Get more out of your home and reduce your costs

Briefly about us

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Since 2011 we have been working independently for different parties to turn their challenges into solutions.

Bricklinq is focused on results for its customers. That makes us unique. We do not provide unnecessary powerpoints or extensive reports. We only do the promotions that our customers earn money from.

We want to completely change the world of real estate in terms of data and communication.

Our mission

The housing market is in dire need of change. By combining expertise from both brokerage and housing advice with a digital environment, we realize better insight, better advice and we save money.

Our vision

By registering data better, documenting work better and optimizing communication between all parties, time and money are saved.


Who is the Bricklinq customer?

The housing market has many players. From suppliers in the field of energy and maintenance to financiers of the houses, all have their specific objectives. By focusing on the home, Bricklinq can implement a targeted strategy when it comes to acquisition and product offering.

The target groups that distinguish Bricklinq are as follows:

  1. Residents / Tenants
  2. Property owners
  3. Housing associations / Real estate companies
  4. VVE managers / Property managers
  5. Municipalities / Central government

Number of housing associations

Number of AOO's

Homes in the Netherlands (Mil)


Number of rental properties

“Our government obligates you to make your home more sustainable. We experience that living enjoyment and the energy transition do not go together one-on-one. That is why we believe that the right time to carry out such a ‘major renovation’ is when people move “

-Team Bricklinq

Our proud partners

To make our idea successful, we work together with the following parties.



Investor & Knowledge Partner



Investor & Knowledge Partner



Knowledge Partner

About Bricklinq

Because Bricklinq collects and compares data, we can live more efficiently and bring the bill down.






Stationsplein 45, A4.002 3013AK, Rotterdam

Together we stand stronger

Bricklinq likes to coöperate with real estate agents, housing associations, property managers and VVEs. With a focus on the following:

  • Saving time and money
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable housing portfolio
  • More appraisals, more customers


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