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Who are your next customers?

Bricklinq connects suppliers to its next customer. By identifying the wishes of residents and linking them to the right offer, we generate the perfect match for a new customer.

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Talk directly to the customer

Know what your customers want. Match your offer with his or her demand. Bricklinq helps suppliers with direct communication to consumers.

Good advice is half the battle. By properly informing people, knowing what they are using today and where their needs lie, we know how to make the right match between you and your next customer.

Save time and money. How? by collecting customers collectively through our portal and sending your offer to the right match completely automatically.

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About Bricklinq

Because Bricklinq collects and compares data, we can live more efficiently and bring the bill down.






Stationsplein 45, A4.002 3013AK, Rotterdam

Together we stand stronger

Bricklinq likes to coöperate with real estate agents, housing associations, property managers and VVEs. With a focus on the following:

  • Saving time and money
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable housing portfolio
  • More appraisals, more customers


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