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The major renovation


In our eyes, resident flow is the solution for various challenges, such as cost savings, sustainability and maintenance.

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Optimal living pleasure

Improving a home and its living pleasure often do not go together one-on-one. Due to high costs and loss of time,  many homeowners think that sustainability or renovation is a step that is difficult to make. Bricklinq is convinced that these actions can be made easier and cheaper, by dealing efficiently with the flow of residents in a home. To make our work process possible, we work in 3 internships: Inventory, strategy and communication.

“Around 43 percent of Dutch homeowners do not intend to make the home more sustainable within the next five years.”

National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud)


In order to get an overview of the flow, it is necessary to make an inventory of what data there is and where it can be enriched.


Data is then used to advise and encourage residents. Organizations can adjust their policies or based on accurate data.


Communication plans are implemented and the resident is made aware of any benefits that he / she can derive from moving on to another home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does flow-through advice cost?

Every organization is different with its internal work processes and, for this reason, we make a customized proposal. In the proposal we make a contract duration indication in combination with our standard hourly rate of € 125.-

How long is a trajectory?

Different for each organization, an average Flow-through process is 12 months.

How do we make homes more sustainable?

Making a home sustainable is a process that everyone sees as a challenge. At Bricklinq we see this as an opportunity for both entrepreneurs and residents. We therefore combine homes where traffic flows have taken place with sustainable options that are profitable for both.

Are there success factors?

Every organization is indirectly unique. The approach but also the implementation of the model determine the success. We believe in our approach and it has already delivered. If the success has not been fully achieved and offers no value, we will start a new process.

Who carries out the communication?<br />

Communication is an important process in the flow of homes. Residents or owners do not simply leave a home. Often this group does not like to listen to municipalities, property managers or housing associations. As a third party, we advise and encourage these individuals. This can be done through our online portal.

What does the extra platform cost?

If your organization does not have complete data available, we offer the solution to acquire data via our current portal. The maximum extra costs of the portal are € 25 per unit per year.

Steps to more data

Every organization has data, however, organizations may not share or use this data due to the AVG. From this perspective it is difficult to impossible to make a policy. We help with the collection of data through our online platform.

About Bricklinq

Because Bricklinq collects and compares data, we can live more efficiently and bring the bill down.






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Together we stand stronger

Bricklinq likes to coöperate with real estate agents, housing associations, property managers and VVEs. With a focus on the following:

  • Saving time and money
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable housing portfolio
  • More appraisals, more customers


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