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Experience digital management


Maintain your real estate portfolio with just a few clicks. Get advice on sustainability and save on costs and time.

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Customer-oriented management

Brickinq is the automatic and digital solution for your property management.

Do you still maintain your property over the mail or over the phone? Don’t wait any longer and experience the convenience of the smart tool from Bricklinq. We place all your partners and customers on a clear portal from which you can easily communicate, plan and document.


The place where your data is easily stored such as; guarantees, contacts and invoices.


Communicate efficiently, automatically and easily with residents and / or contractors.

Issue reporting

Your customers will have the opportunity to report problems quickly.

User friendly

No unnecessary questions or complaints, we take care of customers and management.


Get simple and quick insight into what is going on in the home and what needs to be done.


Easily schedule appointments or notifications with residents and / or contractors in the calendar.

Automatically responses

Respond after hours to problems or requests without having to do anything.

All parties in one place

Work efficiently. From now on you only have to use one tool for your property management.

From any device

More and more tenants are using their smartphone and/or tablet. That is why it is important that they can easily communicate with you from any device. Bricklinq makes it possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract duration?

An average contact period with Bricklinq lasts 12 months. However, it is possible to conclude a longer period at a reduced rate. Canceling the contact must be stated at least 1 month in advance.

What does bricklinq management cost?

The Bricklinq tool costs you € 25 per unit per year

Are there success factors?

Every organization is indirectly unique. The functionality but also the implementation of our tool determines the success. We believe in our system and it has already delivered.

Will Bricklinq continue to develop?

The Bricklinq development team is working full-time on developing the functionalities of the tool 5 days a week. If you want to request a query in the system, please contact us.

Do you help with cost savings?

Every company has its fixed costs with regard to the maintenance and management of the home. We help in both areas to increase margins and save time.

Visit us for a demo

Step 1: Leave a message

Fill in the form and we will confirm your registration within 2 days.

Step 2: Coffee

The tool is introduced exuberantly while enjoying coffee.


Step 3: Atmospheric conclusion

After the session, the meeting is concluded with a drink.

Step 4: The adventure

Does our solution match your situation? we enter into a successful relationship.

Help us improve the Bricklinq Beta

Our development team works daily to improve the platform for you. It is possible that the software contains a small error that we have overlooked. Inform us about these bugs so that we can improve your experience in Bricklinq. If you have found a bug, leave a comment in the contact form.

About Bricklinq

Because Bricklinq collects and compares data, we can live more efficiently and bring the bill down.






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Together we stand stronger

Bricklinq likes to coöperate with real estate agents, housing associations, property managers and VVEs. With a focus on the following:

  • Saving time and money
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Green, sustainable housing portfolio
  • More appraisals, more customers


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